Caffe Centrale ovest

Welcome to Caffe Centrale ovest

The Caffè Centrale is available twice directly in CentrO allowing you to relax during your shopping. Whether freshly baked cakes, ice cream specialties or special breakfast and after work specialties. Here you can find special offers to any time of the day, that guarantee no wish will be left unfulfilled. Whether it’s a Marzipan Croissant with a Coffee To-go, or a rustic bread with delicious spreads. That way you can enjoy all of our specialties as a snack "to go" or take a seat and enjoy your snacks in-house - perhaps with a cup of flavored macchiato or latte, exotic tea specialties, like Dragon Pearl Jasmine, Japanese Sencha or Earl Grey, our team at Caffé Centrale is looking forward to your visit.

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