Mosch Mosch

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CentrO Promenade


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Welcome to Mosch Mosch

MoschMosch serves its - probably the best outside Osaka - pasta now available at CentrO Oberhausen. True to our claim to always bring a smile to our guests' faces; our team spoils our guests every day with mild, Japanese dishes. These are prepared with a large percentage of seasonal and fresh vegetables without long cooking times. You will find the typical Japanese ramen soups -thin wheat noodles with various broths and ingredients- with melodious names like "Spring Awakening", "peace of mind" or " flying-high" as well as Japanese entrees like "Edamame" or "Gyoza". Similarly, Japanese salads and (seasonal) fried pasta and rice dishes with various extras such as beef, chicken, shrimp, tofu and organic Tempeh are available. Asian desserts also offer a sweet ending.